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We at Revue Romane will provide you with top-notch services when it comes to cleaning your tiles and grout. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, and we try our best to deliver high-quality workmanship and best results to our clients. Also, our well-trained technicians are using only state-of-the-art equipment so that the cleaning process is fast and efficient.



MDI Once you call us, we will send a team to your doorstep, and they will perform a free estimate of the situation. In other words, we will analyze the condition of your tiles and grout, letting you know what needs to be done to save them.


Before cleaning the area with our specialized machines, we will vacuum the floors and remove any debris and dirt that may be located in those hard-to-reach places. Dust, pet hair, and all sorts of grit can prevent effective cleaning.


We use sophisticated machines that operate on the process usually known as steam cleaning. Our primary cleaning tool has dual rotating jets, and this device will clean your tiles and grout to perfection. The combination of high heat and high pressure works miracles.


Grout re-coloring

Over time, grout can become discolored, and your tiles will turn into tired and dull floor surface. Our technicians can use specific chemicals to restore the coloration of the grout, which will significantly repair the appearances of your tile floor.

Grout restoration

Besides coloration, grout can be damaged or affected by mold and mildew. We can take care of this problem as well, and our highly experienced professionals will apply the necessary measures so that your tiles and grout are restored to their original appearance.

Silicone masks

Other than inhalers and nebulizers, we also have a wide range of silicone rubber masks. You can use them for oxygen therapy, nebulizers and respiratory exercisers.

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What they say about our services

  • I was very satisfied with their work. They cleaned everything in a flash, and now my kitchen looks brand new. Grout and tiles are now in perfect condition.

    Samuel D.
  • A friend recommended this company, and their professional service made me realize why this cleaning enterprise has such a good reputation. They cleaned my tiles to perfection, removing all the dirt and mildew from the grout.

    Johnathan E.
  • For years now, I have been using baking soda, vinegar, and all sorts of similar “remedies,” but nothing worked. However, revueromane.com was there to help, and they quickly cleaned my showers and kitchen area.

    Gloria R.
  • Hiring a professional service is certainly not a mistake, especially if you pick a reliable and professional company such as revueromane.com. They are very friendly and experienced, and they do their work with incredible efficiency.

    Erica G.
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