About our company

Revue Romane is a cleaning company with a long-lasting tradition, and our efforts have always been directed towards making our clients happy and satisfied. We specialize in cleaning tile floors and removing pollutants from the grout, and due to our knowledge and experience – we are very successful at what we do.

Our History

Starting out as a family-owned cleaning company, we never dreamed that so many clients would ever want our services and we are now covering a wide geographical area. Over the years, we have continuously upgraded the quality of our products, and we now offer the best service in the market.


Tiles are typically a low-maintenance flooring material, and that is why people use them in high-traffic areas, where there is a lot of wear and tear. However, even stone or glazed tiles can damage over time, and our color enhancing protectors, sealers, and tile descalers can help restore them to their glory.


Grout cleaning can be highly demanding and challenging, especially if you only use “elbow grease” and take a “hands-on” approach. But, you should say goodbye to strenuous scrubbing since our abrasive microfiber sponge, grout cleaners, sealers or our de-greasing stain removal detergent will easily clean the grout and protect your tiles.


Team members

We are proud to present our dedicated team:

  • team1
    Dan E. – Our team leader, Dan is highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning tiles and grout, and he has been in the business for years. Our clients always appreciate his expertise and efficiency.
  • team2
    Susie W. – Susie is our youngest member, but she already knows everything there is to know about efficient and professional cleaning. Her friendly and hardworking attitude make Susie a great addition to our team.
  • team3
    Ryan T. – Ryan is our highly capable handyman, and besides being a trained cleaning technician, he can also perform various other services in your household. He is also very friendly, and it is a joy to work with him.
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