The Best Methods For Cleaning Tiles And Grout

When we think of tiles, we usually have in mind an image of reliable and sturdy flooring option, an option that requires little to no maintenance. Whether the tiles are glazed or made of stone, they offer clean, smooth surface, and they are typically used in areas that have high levels of moisture, such as showers and kitchens. Well, that same moisture is detrimental to the tiles as well, and even though they are more durable than other materials – they will eventually succumb to the harmful influence of mold and mildew.

Grout is usually made out of porous and light colored material, which means that mold and mildew can easily make a home there for themselves, and they will be visible as well. Due to this change in coloration, your tiles and grout can look grubby and dull, and your beautiful tiles will be long gone. That is why it is essential to clean those areas effectively, and various methods can be used to perform this activity successfully.

Homemade Cleaning Methods


Cleaning your tiles with home-made and natural products can be a healthy and efficient solution, especially if you do not trust the labels on the cleaning products and all of those bottled chemicals. Ever since the first tiles were placed, people have used some cleaning agent, and we nowadays have a relatively large selection of those products.

For instance, people predominantly use vinegar and baking soda, and these two cleaning agents can act in combination, or they can be applied separately. Similarly,  salt is often used to disinfect and clean the grout, and lemon juice with its acidic nature efficiently kills all bacteria and also acts as a pleasant deodorizer.

The Efficiency Of Professional Cleaning Companies

Even though natural methods still have their charm and appeal, professional cleaning is the most effective method for removing mold and mildew from the grout of your tile flooring. Due to the high power of their equipment, cleaning technicians can finish the treatment in a very short period, and your tiles will return to their former glory.


Professional cleaning companies typically use Eco-friendly products and solutions, and steam cleaning is the preferred method for most of these enterprises. They use high-pressure systems with rotary jets, and these tools will remove all debris, dirt, pet hair, dust mites, and bacteria from your tiles and grout.